BBQ Thermometers – Not Just For Show

Thermapen Digital BBQ Thermometer - Yellow

BBQ thermometers come in a variety of styles and vary considerably in price. With this post I hope to give you some guidelines in choosing the from the best BBQ thermometers available for your particular needs. First, let us break … Continue reading

Digital Meat Thermometer – A Barbecuing Must

Thermapen Digital BBQ Thermometer - Yellow

A Digital Meat Thermometer Brings Perfection Heat, or at least the proper level of heat, and a good digital meat thermometer are essential to your outdoor cooking endeavors. Without it, how do you know if your grill or smoker is … Continue reading

Grill Grates Explained

If you have ever been shopping for barbecue grills, you will quickly find that there is a variety of grill grates available. Grill grates are those bars or wires that run across your grill and keep your meat and vegetables … Continue reading